Sacred Heart is a community rooted
in Jesus, striving to be a holy, caring, compassionate people.
To fulfill our
mission, we are called to grow individually and communally as we teach, celebrate, evangelize, support and empower
each other



SH Parish CYO Board of Directors 2008-09


President:       Matt Weiss 
Vice-Pres:       Raymond Murphy
Past-Pres:       Raymond Murphy
Treasurer:        Andrew Vessillo
Secretary:        Marianne Collins
Moderator:       Rev. Joseph Nixon

Members at Large:         Sue Carroll
                                    Steven Collins
                                    Maureen Coogan
                                    Pat Gorton
                                    William Graba
                                    Shane Pallotta
                                    Laura Rogan
                                    Brian Terry

Meeting dates:  3/5 – 4/2 – 5/7 – 6/4 (Open Meeting)







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