Sacred Heart is a
community rooted
in Jesus, striving to
be a holy, caring,
To fulfill our
mission, we are
called to grow
individually and
communally as we
teach, celebrate,
evangelize, support
and empower
each other






































Sacred Heart Parish CYO Program


To Cut or Not to Cut
Girls CYO Basketball teams
CYO Registration Form 
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Contact person Marianne Collins 623-6192  collinsdj30@optonline.net

SH Girls Volleyball Clinic attendees 

The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) offers young people the opportunity to grow as individuals and as contributing members of their teams, their parish and their community. A flourishing CYO program adds to the strength and vitality of the parish and offers the opportunity to build Christian community among its participants. Sacr
ed Heart Parish is a member of the CYO of Nassau-Suffolk, along with approximately 100 other parishes in the diocese.

At Sacred Heart this ministry is for boys and girls who are interested in developing their talents as athletes, and for men and women who as coaches provide guidance, experience and direction to the children.  

Approximately 55 adult volunteers work with more than 500 girls and boys in grades Kindergarten through 10th in soccer, basketball, track, volleyball and baseball programs. We rely on parish tithing to help offset our expenses. Due to lack of gym space in the parish school, we pay (overtime fees for the janitor at Brookside School) approximately $10,000 per year in order to have a home court for competition. Tithing helps reduce registration fees so that all children in the parish have the opportunity to participate.

Our volunteer CYO Board is currently comprised of 10 at-large members, plus four members of the executive board. Many of our board members serve as coordinators for the sports programs we offer and each member also participates in sub-committees: (Hospitality, Spirit Award, Stewardship, Fair Play, Publicity). We provide coaches training sessions 2-3 times per year to prepare our volunteers for issues they may encounter. We especially focus on communication with parents and athletes, sportsmanship and spirituality.

Our trophy case, located in the school lobby, was designed and built by two fathers (Michael Gillard, Andrew Coyle) to display trophies and awards. The centerpiece of the case is the Spirit Award that is presented annually to an 8th grade boy and girl from our program (currently Kaitlyn Mancini and Mike Taglienti). This award also honors the contributions made by Marianne Collins who is now in her 45th year of participation in the CYO program. The Spirit Award recognizes the athletes who best exemplify Ms. Collins’ principles of teamwork, sportsmanship and humanity in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

Our teams compete for Regional and Sectional championships. Despite the fact that we have a relatively small student population in our parish, we have had several very successful campaigns. Each year we are honored to have our teams recognized for their sportsmanship in a poll of their opposing coaches. This is the highest honor available in CYO.

Click here  to go to the CYO of Nassau/Suffolk site,


Sacred Heart Parish CYO Volleyball Registration for 2014 season set for December 1st and 8th in the SH Gym between 11 – 12:30 PM. 

 Grade levels are 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – Tyro (9/10) and Senior (11/12).
Fee:  $130 with uniform shirt for new players.
 $120 for returning players. 
Season runs from January through April.                               Home matches will be played at SH on weekends. 
Practices will be during the week.

  For information:  623-6192 or collinsdj30@optonline.net  

To Cut or Not to Cut

Girls CYO Basketball teams

CYO Registration Form


Dear Lord, in the battle that goes on through life,
I ask but a field that is fair,
A chance that is equal with all in the strife
The courage to strive and to dare.
If I should win, let it be by the code,
With my faith and my honor held high.
If I should lose, let me stand by the road
And cheer as the winners go by.

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