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Capital Campaign  - Building the New Sacred Heart Church

 From the Pastor’s Desk...  December 2006

Over the past three years all of us have been working assiduously at the task of saving our resources to build a new church. While we did not reach our goal for the first phase of our effort and while there is still need to gather more funds,
the Diocesan policy states that when you have 50% of the projected cost in cash, you can start moving. We have more than 50% at this time.

Therefore, we began moving.

In June we applied for a variance about off street parking on our campus. The variance was granted on November 29th, the day of our hearing. On December 7th, four members of our Finance/Development team accompanied me to the Diocesan Offices to review the inventory of where we are. We left that meeting being instructed to write for permission to begin the Design and Construction phase. We were also instructed to write for permission to begin the second phase of our fundraising effort. Finally, we were instructed to write a letter for permission to refurbish and move the bell tower to where it will be with the new Church.

We were also graced within the last two weeks to receive a second pledge from a parishioner in the amount of $3,000. That was followed by a surprise donation of $30,000 from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Within days, we received another donation from a parishioner in the amount of $10,000+.

Advent is meant to be a time of joyous preparation for the Birth of Christ. Certainly these developments come at an appropriate time when so many of us will be gathering “Together Around the Table of Lord” in our Church and our
homes to celebrate the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Father Gallagher


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