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Help Make Timothy's Law Permanent
Timothy's Law, which provides health insurance parity for mental health benefits, is set to expire at the end of this calendar year if the legislature does not act to extend it before the end of session.

The state legislature first passed Timothy's Law in 2006. It requires health insurance plans and health maintenance organizations to stop limiting access to mental health services by arbitrarily restricting the number of visits and /or requiring higher co-payments than they do for access to general health services. The bill unfortunately had a three-year sunset provision, meaning it needs new legislation to be made permanent.

Timothy's Law has made it possible for millions of New Yorkers to have greater access to mental health treatment. Justice requires that barriers to access to mental health services be removed. Timothy's Law is a significant step to accomplish this goal. The New York State Catholic Conference also supports expanding the law to include coverage for substance abuse treatment. Please go HERE to send an editable message to Gov. Paterson and your state Senator and Assembly Member.

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