Sacred Heart is a community rooted
in Jesus, striving to be a holy, caring, compassionate people.
To fulfill our
mission, we are called to grow individually and communally as we teach, celebrate, evangelize, support and empower
each other













SH CYO Girls Basketball
2009 - 2010

6th grade GBB

6th Grade
Coaches Dave D'Achille & Mike Miller 

7th Grade 

7th Grade
Coach - Tim Murphy

8th Grade GBB 

8th Grade
Grandparents Day

6th Grade 
6th Grade
Coaches Dave D'Achille & Mike Miller 
with two Hofstra players
4th Grade GBB 
4th Grade
Coach - John Targia 
5th Grade GBB
5th Grade
Girls Tyro 1 team
Tyro 1
Coaches - Brian Terry & Glen Calder

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